Our specialties include terrain generation, representation, and reasoning services. Our experience includes C++, Java, and Ada programming, computational geometry, and computer graphics. We employ agile development practices and are well versed in CMMI processes. We support both Linux and Microsoft Windows platforms.


We have over 30 years experience developing Synthetic Natural Environment (SNE) capabilities for the Orlando modeling and simulation community. Our employees designed and developed technologies for the CCTT, WARSIM, and OneSAF programs. More recently, our staff has applied their experience to RDECOM-STTC research efforts for terrain modeling, including generation, representation, and dynamic (runtime) modification of virtual worlds.


At Edgewise Technologies, we believe the customer comes first. Our policies include open, honest communication and a desire to work closely with the customer to help shape and extend their vision. We strive to provide best-value results through flexible architectures, reusable components, and a passion for learning and applying new techniques.


What can I say? We love what we do. Our staff seeks out cutting-edge techniques and innovative ways to apply them. We collaborate across projects to infuse new ideas and elevate our collective knowledge. The ultimate goal is to maximize productivity through better processes, reusable components, and a shared vision to align products in complementary ways. We build it better, faster, cheaper.